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Lambing - Round 1
Ewes & Me le 02/27/2021

Our first season lambing, an adventure worth taking. From the breeding season, through to spring lambs jumping in all directions, lambing was something I could not have imagined myself doing 10 years ago. And yet, here we are, learning as we go, with our 5th lambing season just about to begin. 

Ewes & Me le 02/26/2021


Ewes & Me le 02/26/2021


Ewes & Me le 02/25/2021


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It's Not ALL Sheep.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved Irish donkeys. In fact, I still have a small stuffed donkey made out of wool, complete with turf carrying baskets, that my Auntie in Dublin brought over to the states for me when she visited back in 1972! This wonderful donkey has now found its home on the fireplace mantle in our Irish home's sitting room.

Ready, Set.....Baaaaaa!

With lambing season right around the corner – six weeks off to be exact – I am in high gear trying to get everything sorted for the "season". After a full review of my notes from last year, I will do my best to make improvements to the process. Big ones. Little ones. Anything, really, that will help me walk through lambing with as little side stepping as possible.

Who Couldn't Use A Booster?

As each year of "husbandry" passes, I discover more and more little quirky remedies for the various maladies that crop up from time to time among the sheep. One of them is the use of an invaluable product called Rumen Booster. (And no, I don't get a nickel for the mention here and happily pay full price at our local farm co-op).

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